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Quesnel et al (Stratigraphy Paris Basin)_AfterReview_jul31.pdf

Quesnel F., Iakovleva A., Fléhoc C., Baele J., Smith T., Roche E., Bourdillon C., Garel S., Jacob J., Schnyder J., Breillat N., Storme J., Yans J., Lerouge C. & Dupuis C., 2019. The Paris Basin Sparnacian: Revision of the lithostratigraphic nomenclature thanks to new sedimentary, mineralogical, chemo- and bio-stratigraphic data In: International Symposium PalEurAfrica Evolution and Paleoenvironment of Early Modern Vertebrates during the Paleogene - September 10-13, 2019, vol. Program and abstracts, pp. 37-38, Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences, Brussels, Belgium.
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