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S. Mattiucci, M. Paoletti, S. Damiano and G. Nascetti (2007)

Molecular detection of sibling species in anisakid nematodes

Parassitologia, 49(3):147-153.

The number of sibling species of anisakid nematodes detected over the last two decades has been increased, fuelled by the use of genetic/molecular methodologies. In the present review, we summarize the biological species discovered within most of the nominal species belonging to the genera Anisakis, Contracaecum and Pseudoterranova by the use of allozyme (20-24 loci studied) and recently confirmed by us using mitochondrial cox-2 gene sequence analysis (mtDNA cox-2). Ecological evidence relating to the distributional range of the genetically detected sibling species and their host preferences, which represent data sets that can be utilized for species delimitation and definition, are summarized.

DNA, Temperature, Larva, Isoenzymes, Ascaridida Infections, Fishes, Mitochondrial, Oceans and Seas, Fish Diseases, Electron Transport Complex IV, Animals, Anisakis, Ascaridoidea, Species Specificity
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