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New acquisitions 2020 - Donations/Exchanges

1st quarter (2020Q1)



  • McGuire, K.R. At the vanishing point environment and prehistoric land use in the Black Rock Desert. AMNH, [2018], 216 p. ISBN 9780985201685 [P7442]



  • Clark, K.B. Wilmot B. Brown : one of the most prolific collectors of the vertebrate fauna of the New World? In Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology, 162,6, 2020, p. 374-378 [P4723]
  • Taquet, P. George Cuvier : naissance d'un génie. Odile Jacobs, 2006, 539 p. ISBN 2738109691 [C39813]




  • Hochkirch, A. European red list of grasshoppers, crickets and bush-crickets. Publications of the Office of European Union, 2016, 86 p. ISBN 9789279617522 [C39726]


Exhibition catalogues

  • Arbour, V. & Evans, D. Zuul : life of an armoured dinosaur. Royal Museum Ontario, 2018, 92 p. ISBN 978-0-88854-524-4 [C39785]
  • Simonnin, M. Mer... côte et coquillages. Musée des Marais Salants, 2019, 119 p. ISBN 978-2-36833-254-2 [C39804]


Marine biology 

  • Chang, F.H. The marine biota of New Zealand catalogue and description of the coccolithophores (Haptophyta, Cocolithophyceae) calcareous, scale-bearing microalgae, in New Zealand waters. NIWA, 2019, 524 p. ISBN 9780473484170 [P524]
  • Onderi, Masese, F. Dynamics in organic matter processing, ecosystem metabolism and trophic sources for consumers in the Mara River, Kenya. CRC Press/Balkema, 2015, 195 p. ISBN 9781138028159 [C39760]



  • [Anonyme] Fauve. Editions Glénat, 2019, 93 p. ISBN 9782344039090 [C38714]
  • Geinaert, E. L'ambre, miel de fortune et mémoire de vie. Ed du Piat, 2002, 176 p. ISBN 2951327439 [C39812]
  • Panafieu, J. Evolution. Ed. revue et augmentée. Muséum National d'Histoire Naturelle, 2011, 423 p. ISBN 9782915173741 [C39834]
  • Vialaron, C. La Sénouire, une vallée minière entre La Chaise-Dieu et Paulhaguet, Haute-Loire. C. Vialaron impr. 2002, 214 p. ISBN 2951417411 [C39844]



  • Krainer, K. Early Permian (Yakhtashian; Artinskian-early Kungurian) foraminifers and microproblematica from the Carnic Alps (Austria/Italy). Geologisches Bundesanstalt, 2009, 152 p. ISBN 9783903252059 [P653]
  • Schulp, A. De Nederlandse dino. Veen Magazines, 2008, 112 p. ISBN 9789085711841 [C39816]



  • Clottes, J. Pourquoi l'art préhistorique? Gallimard, 2011, 330 p. ISBN 9782070444700 [C39814]
  • Geneste, J.M. Lascaux. Gallimard, 2012, ca. 30 p. ISBN 97882070139514 [C39806]
  • Vermeulen, F. The Potenza Valley Survey (Marche, Italy) settlement dynamics and changing material culture in an Adriatic Valley between Iron Age and Late Antiquity. System Graphic Srl, 2017, 424 p. ISBN 978888441638 [C39698]



  • Verschueren, S. Social structure, movements and home ranges of lions (Panthera leo) in relation to lion-livestock conflicts around Nairobi National Park, Kenya [these] University of Antwerp, 2017, 43 p. [C39755]



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