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New acquisitions 2019 - Donations/Exchanges

1st quarter (2019Q1)



  • Bausier, K. Antoing, Bruyelle. Villa romaine et occupations antérieures. SPW Éditions, 2018, 454 p. ISBN 978-2-39038-006-1 [P6859]



  • Ibrahim, K.M. Grasses of Mali. Smithsonian Institution Scholary Press, 2018, 146 p. [P5652/108]
  • Redden, K.M. Understanding Paloue (Leguminosae: Detarioideae) : revision of a predominantly Guiana Shield endemic. Smithsonian Institution Scholary Press, 2018, 44 p. [P5652/109]


Exhibitions catalogues 

  • [Anonymous] Portugal. Drawing the world. Musée National d'Histoire et d'Art du Luxembourg, 2017, 132 p. [C38924]
  • Henrotay, D. Les experts à Arlon : autopsie d'un vicus. Exposition du 10 octobre au 18 décembre 2009 au Musée archéologique luxembourgeois à Arlon. Institut archéologique du Luxembourg, 2009, 160 p. 



  • Halsey, J.R. Prehistoric Copper Mining in Michigan : The Nineteenth-Century Discovery of "Ancient Diggins" in the Keweenaw Peninsula and Isle Royale. Museum of Anthropology, University of Michigan, 2018, 336 p. ISBN 978-0-915703-89-0 [P5704/99]
  • Rampino, M.R. Cataclysms : a new geology for the twenty-first century. Columbia University Press, 2017, 211 p. ISBN 9780231177801 [NG37421]



  • Touitou, D. Cone shells of the Seychelles. Imprimerie TEXTO, 2019, 173 p. ISBN 978-2-9566508-0-12 [C38940]


Middle Ages

  • Moens, J. Regulen voor den cock. Een banket in de abdij van Ename. Provinciaal Archeologische Museum, 2007, 80 p. ISBN9789075230239 [C38876]



  • Hysell, D. Antennas and radar for environmental scientists and engineers. Cambridge University Press, 2018, 386 p. ISBN 978110719543 [NG46684]



  • Eisenberg, J.F. The Mammalian Radiations : an analysis of trends in evolution, adaptation, and behaviour. The Athlone Press, 1981, 610 p. ISBN 0-485-30008-7 [C38845]






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