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John Christoffersen and Ivar Jonsson (1985)

Bed friction and dissipation in a combined current and wave motion

Ocean Engineering, 12(5):387-423.

Two simple two-layer eddy viscosity models, which facilitate analytical solutions, are presented in order to describe the velocity field and associated shear stress in a combined current wave motion. The models, which have the same eddy viscosity in the current boundary layer, but different eddy viscosities in the wave boundary layer, cover together the whole rough turbulent regime. Straightforward definitions are made for the wave friction factor and the current friction factor for the combined motion, which are in accordance with the results for pure waves and pure currents. In this way one avoids the fictitious reference velocities and elliptic integrals which e.g. Grant and Madsen (1978, 1979) experienced. The two friction factors turn out to be functions of four dimensionless parameters. A detailed calculation procedure is presented. Comparison with laboratory experiments yields promising results. A new relation connecting dissipation and bed shear stress is also developed.

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