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New acquistions 2018 - Purchases

4th quarter (2018q4)



  • Paradis-Grenouillet, S. Charbonnage, charbonnier, charbonnières. Conluence des regards autour d'un artisanat méconnu. Presses Universitaires de Provence, 2018, 236 p. ISBN 979-1-03200-053-3 [C38657]



  • Baur, B. Die Vielfalt der Landschnecken in der Val Müstair = La diversità da lindornas illa Val Müstair. Haupt Verlag, 2014, 211 p. ISBN 978-3-258-07865-6 [C38656]
  • Watters, C.T. A preliminary review of the nominal genus Villosa of freshwater mussels (Bivalvia, Unionidae) in North America. Conchology, Inc., 2018, 140 p. ISBN 978-3-939767-86-2 [P7184]
  • Wolfgang, L. Trichoptera Families. Key to  Larvae from Central Europe. Eutaxa, 2007, CD-ROM [C38655]






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