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References to publications, sorted by year and author.

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Expédition Antarctique belge : route suivie par la Belgica du 13 au 19 février 1898
Miscellaneous publication.

Goffart, J and Vanhove, D ([1899]).
Profil bathymétrique entre l'Ile des Etats et l'Ile Livingstone
Miscellaneous publication.

Lecointe, G ([1899]).
Expédition Antarctique belge : route et dérive de la Belgica dans la banquise du 19 février au 15 mars 1899
Miscellaneous publication.

Lecointe, G ([1899]).
Expédition Antarctique belge : route suivie par la Belgica dans le détroit de Magellan au sud du Cap Horn, le détroit de Bransfield et le détroit de Gerlache
Miscellaneous publication.

De Gerlache, A and Lecointe, G ([1889]).
Expédition Antarctique belge : détroit de Gerlache
Miscellaneous publication.

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Apatite trace element and halogen compositions as petrogenetic-metallogenic indicators: Examples from four granite plutons in the Sanjiang region, SW China
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Mass accumulations of mammoth (mammoth 'graveyards') with indications of past human activity in the northern Yana-Indighirka lowland, Arctic Siberia
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The use of automated identification of bat echolocation calls in acoustic monitoring: A cautionary note for a sound analysis
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Old dogs and new tricks: Recent developments in our understanding of the human-dog relationship
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The “Commodification” of Animals
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A New Species of the Genus Sardina (Pisces, Clupeidae) from the Middle Miocene of the Eastern Paratethys
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Premchand Plays Chess
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The exceptional surface turbidity of the North-West European shelf seas during the stormy 2013–2014 winter: Consequences for the initiation of the phytoplankton blooms?
Journal of Marine Systems, 148:70-85.

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